Tlalli Energia

Torreón, Mexico

Tlalli Energy is an energy consultancy serving mainly the upstream oil & gas and geothermal sectors in Mexico. We specialised in hydrocarbon reserves management (accredited by Mexico´s National Hydrocarbon Comission), reservoir engineering, feasibility studies, project management and training courses for the E&P industry.
We also provide technical project assistance in underground gas storage (UGS), carbon storage (CCS) and underground energy storage (UTES) in shallow reservoirs.
Our experts and associates have long national and international expertise in places such as the North Sea Sector, Asia, Middle East and the USA, having worked at super majors like Shell and BP, for NOC´s like EBN and service companies such as Schlumberger and Baker Hughes.

Contact information
Garcia Carrillo 742B
Torreón, Coahuila
Tel: 871-2791313
Tel: 871-2791313
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